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2008~2009 学年度第一学期期中试卷 高 三 英 语
大同一中 李风菊

第一部分 语言知识运用 (共两节 55 分)
第一节 单项选择(每小题 1 分,共 15 分)

客观卷(共 115 分)

1. —— we have booked a room for today and tomorrow. —— A. I’m sure 2. We all believe that A. /; a B. the; / sir. B. My pleasure C. It’s all right D. I’ll check great successs. D. a ; a

2008 Beijing Olympic Games is C. the; a

3. We have English Lessons A. every other day

; that is on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. B. every another day C. everyday D. every few days

4. What he said reminded me A. that B. of what

we had done together during the holidays. C. about that D. where .

5. I have the habit of keeping some candles in the house in case of power A. failure 6. Homework A. finished B. drop C. lack D. absence

, he went to bed at 12:00 in the night. B. was finished C. being finished D. to be finished

7. When judging your examination, I will A. make B. give

your recent illness into consideration. C. take D. find

8. He came to classroom, only A. found 9. B. finding

nobody in. C. find D. to find

—— everybody is here, let’s begin our meeting. A. For B. Now that C. On condition that . D. to be heard D. For fear that

10. He spoke in a loud voice in order to make himself A. hear B. hearing C. heard

11. When I visited her, she was A. occupied B. taken up

in writing a speech on AIDS prevention. C. absorbing others’ feelings C. in want of D. in case of D. devoted

12. He always says what he thinks, A. Despite of B. regardless of

13. As a teacher, we must

the party’s cause of education.

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A. insist on B. stick to C. lead to D. keep up 14. —— your help, we couldn’t have finished our task in time. A. But for B. Otherwise C. As for D. As was the case this dictionary.

15. If you come across a key new word in your reading comprehension, you can A. turn to 第二节 B. consult C. refer to D. All of the above

完形填空(每小题 2 分,共 40 分) 16 , the

Until 1954 it was thought that no man could run one mile in less than four minutes. As years record came closer and closer to four minutes and Roger Bannister, a young English he might 18 this almost magic barrier. 17

, began to believe

come.” “I was driven on by a 29 of fear and pride. My body had long since used up all its energy 30

it went on running just the same. This was the critical moment when my legs were strong enough to carry me over the last few yards as they tape, I fell, almost 33 .” 34 35 the time. The announcement came, ‘Result of the one mile? in the noise of excitement.” 31 could have done in previous years. When I leapt at(冲向) the 32

“I know I had done it, ever before I Time, three minutes?’ the rest was

16. A. passed along 17. A. coach 18. A. defeat 19. A. real 20. A. competing 21. A. eagerness 22. A. accident 23. A. did up 24. A. safely 25. A. seemed 26. A. dragged 27. A. mass 28. A. moment

B. passed down B. athlete B. move B. lucky B. training B. pleasure B. event B. made up B. heavily B. used B. drawn B. residents B. period

C. went by C. captain C. beat C. serious C. fighting C. relief C. issue C. put up C. thinly C. happened C. pulled C. crowd C. while D. judge

D. went over D. break D. false D. attending D. worry D. topic D. lined up D. gently D. had D. pushed D. team D. date

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29. A. concentration 30. A. so 31. A. never 32. A. starting 33. A. unconcerned 34. A. offered 35. A. stuck B. collection B. but B. ever B. lasting B. unconscious B. told B. involved C. combination C. or C. even C. finishing C. unknown C. announced C. lost D. as D. still D. running D. unnoticed D. heard D. spread D. classification

第二部分 阅读理解 (每小题 3 分,共 60 分)

Most animals have little connection with animals of a different kind, unless they hunt them for food. Sometimes, however, two kinds of animals come together in a partnership(伙伴关系) which is good for both of them. You may have noticed some birds sitting on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites(寄生虫) on sheep. The sheep allow the birds to do so because they remove the cause of discomfort. So although they can manage without each other, they do better together. Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two partners cannot manage without each other. This is so in the corals(珊瑚) of the sea. In their skins they have tiny plants which act as “dustmen”, taking some of the waste products from the coral and giving in return oxygen which the animal needs to breathe. If the plants are killed, or are even prevented from receiving light so that they cannot live normally, the corals will die. 36. Some birds like to sit on a sheep because A. they can eat its parasites C. they depend on the sheep for existence . B. they enjoy traveling with the sheep D. they find the position most comfortable .

37. The underlined word “they ” in the last sentence of the first paragraph refers to A. birds and parasites C. parasites and sheep B. birds and sheep D. sheep, birds and parasites . D. oxygen

38. We learn from the text that corals depend on plants for A. comfort B. light C. food

39. What does the second paragraph mainly discuss? A. Some animals and plants depend on each other for existence B. Some animals and plants develop their relationship easily. C. Some plants depend on each other for food. D. Some animals live better together.

Fat and shy, Ben Saunders was the last kid in his class picked for any spouts team. “Football, tennis, cricket— anything with a round ball, I was useless, ” he says now with a laugh. But back then he was the one always made fun of in school gym classes in Devonshire, England.

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It was a mountain bike he received for his 15th birthday that changed him. At first he went biking alone in a nearby forest. Then he began to ride the bike along in a nearby forest. Then he began to ride the bike along with a runner friend. Gradually, Sanders set up his mind on building up his body, increasing his speed and strength. At the age of 18, he ran his first marathon. The following year he met John Ridgway and was hired as an instructor at Ridgway’s school of adventure in Scotland, where he learnt about Ridgway’s cold-eater exploits. Greatly interested, Saunders read all he could about North Pole explorers and adventures, he decided that this would be his future. In 2001, after becoming a skillful skier, Saunders started his first long-distance expedition towards the North Pole. It took unbelievable energy. He suffered frostbite, ran into a polar bear and pushed his body to the limit, pulling his supply-loaded sled up and over rocky rice. Saunders has since become the youngest person to ski along to the North Pole, and he’s skied more of the North Pole by himself than any other British man. His old playmates would not believe the change. Next October, Saunders, 27, heads south from the coast of Antarctica to the South Pole and back, a 2900-kilometer journey that has never been completed on skis. 40. What change happened to Saunders after he was 15 years old? A. He became good at most sports. C. He joined a sports team B. He began to build up his body D. He made friends with a runner. . D. operations

41. The underlined word “exploits” (paragraph 3) is closest in meaning to A. journeys B. researches C. adventures

42. Which of the following is the correct order of the events that happened to Saunders? a. He ran his first marathon c. He rode his bike in a forest A. a c d b B. c d a b b. He skied alone in the North Pole d. He planned an adventure to the South Pole C. a c b d D. c a b d

43. What does the story mainly tell us about Saunders? A. He is a success in sports C. He is Ridgway’s best student B. He is the best British skier. D. He is a good instructor at school


Bicycle tour and race
A bike tour and race will be held on August 26 and 27 (Sat. & Sun.). At 5:30 am, the riders will leave Tian’ anmen Square and ride the first 35 kilometres as a training leg. Then the next 55-kilometre leg, from Yanjiao to Jixian, will be the first competitive(竞争性的) part of the tour. The riders and their bikes will then be taken from Jixian to Changli. The second racing leg of the tour will be from Changli to the seaside at Nandaihe, covering a distance of 20 kilometres. Saturday night includes the stay at Nandaihe and supper. Sunday morning is free at the seaside. At noon all the people and their bikes will be taken back to Bejing. Cost: 200 yuan

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Telephone:4675027 Brazilian footballers The Brazilian Football Club will play Beijing Guo’an Team at the Workers Stadium on August 26. The club has four national team players. Also coming is 1994 US World Cup star Romario who has promised to play for at least 45 minutes. Ticket prices:60, 100, 150 yuan Time/Date: 4:30 pm, August 26 (Sat.) Telephone: 5012372

Rock climbing
The Third National Rock Climbing Competition will be held on August 26-27 at the Huairou Mountain-climbing Training Base. More than 10 teams from Beijing, Wuhan, Dalian, Jilin and other places will take part in it, A Japanese team will give an exhibition of climbing. Free for spectators(观众). Take a long-distance bus from Dongzhimen to Huairou. Time/Dates: 9-12 am, August 26 and 27 Telephone: 7143177, 7144850, Wang zhenghua 44. The main purpose of announcing the above events is to give information about A. visiting teams C. things to do for the weekend B. famous players D. prices to pay for the sports events . D. part of the tour .

45. The underlined word “leg” in “Bicycle tour and race” probably means A. race B. practice C. part of the training

46. What is special about the rock climbing competition? A.A foreign team takes part in it B. You don’t have to pay to watch it. C. You don’t have to be a sportsman to take part D. The bus trip to the place of the competition is free. 47. If you want to find something to do just for Saturday afternoon, which telephone number will you call? A. 4675027 B. 7143177 C. 5012372 D. 7144850

It’s 2035. You have a job, a family and you’re about 40 years old. Welcome to your future life. Getting ready for work, you pause in front of the mirror, “Turn red,” you say. Your shirt changes from sky blue to deep red. Tiny preprogrammed electronic are rearranged in your shirt to change its color. Looking into the mirror, you find it hard to believe that you are 40. You look much younger. With amazing advances in medicine, people in your generation may live to be 150 years old. You’re not even middle-aged. As you go into the kitchen and prepare to pour your breakfast cereal into a bowl, you hear: “To lose weight,

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you shouldn’t eat that, ” from your shoes. They read the tiny electronic code on the cereal box find out the nutrition details. You decide to listen to your shoes. “Kitchen, what can I have for breakfast?” A list of possible foods appear on the counter as kitchen checks its food supplies. “Ready for your trip to space. You ask your son and daughter. ” In 2005 only specially trained astronauts went into space-and very few of them. Today anyone can go to space for day trips or longer vacation. Your best friend even works in space. Handing your children three strawberries each, you add, “The doctor said you need these for space travel. ” Thanks to medical advices, vaccination shots are a thing of the past. Ordinary foods contain specific vaccines. With the berries in their mouths, the kids head for the front door. It’s time for you to go to work. Your car checks your fingerprints and unlocks the doors. “My office. Autopilot,” you command. You car drives itself down the road and moves smoothly into traffic on the highway. You sit back and unroll your e-newspaper. The latest news downloads and fills the viewer. Looking through the pages, you watch the news as video films rather than read it. 48. What changes the color of your shirt? A. The mirror C. The counter B. The shirt itself D. The medicine

49. How do the shoes know that you shouldn’t eat the breakfast cereal? A. By pouring the breakfast into a bowl B. By listening to the doctor’s advice C. By testing the food supplies in the kitchen D. By checking the nutrition details of the food 50. The strawberries the children eat serve as A. breakfast 51. How is the text organized? A. In order of time C. In order of preference B. In order of frequency D. In order of importance B. lunch . C. vaccines D. nutrition

Lillan Hanson, a college junior, expects to graduate in about two years. Mrs Hanson, a rather unusual student, plans to go on to take more courses after she gets her degree. What makes Mrs Hanson different from most of her classmates?

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Mrs Hanson never forgot her dream of getting a higher education. When her children were grown, she tried again. She finds the hardest part of going back to school at her age is to be sitting in class for long periods of time, because she is not as agile as she used to be. Mrs Hanson often gets up and walks around between classes to keep her joints from getting stiff. At the beginning of a course in using the computer, the other students all gave Mrs Hanson a warm round of applause when she introduced herself and explained why she was there and what her goals were. 52. Mrs Hanson has gone through college A. rapidly and well C. without any help at all 53. A person who is agile is A. stiff in the joints C. intelligent at schoolwork . B. poor in certain subjects D. able to move around well . . B. slowly but surely D. as a form of entertainment

54. We can learn form the passage that Mrs Hanson A. is troublesome at college because of her old age

B. often disturbs her teachers’ teaching by walking around in class C. is popular and well-admired on campus D. is good at all her subjects except computer studies 55. This story mainly about A. a woman too old for school B. a persistent and unusual student C. the hardship to get college degree D. how to realize one’s dream .

第 II 卷

主观卷(共 35 分)

改错(每小题 1 分,共 10 分)

此行错一个词:在错的词下划一横线,在该行右边横线上写出改正的词。 Today I visited the Smiths-my first time visit to a American family. They live in a small town. It was very kind for them to meet me at the railway station and drove me to their home. The Smiths did his best to make me feel at home. They offered me coffee and other drinks. We have a good time talking and laughing 62. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60. 61.

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together. They were eager know everything about China and asked me lost of question. In fact, they are planning to visit China in next year. 63. 64. 65.


书面表达(共 25 分)

*年来全球许多国家对公共场所吸烟限制越来越严;从 2007 年 1 月 1 日起,我国香港地区室内全面禁 烟。针对这个问题,你班同学组织一场辩论会,请你根据下表内容,以“Ban Smoking in Pubic Places?”为题, 写一篇短文,客观介绍双方的不同观点。 1、 有害健康,导致疾病。 赞成 2、 影响他人健康。 3、 公共场所禁烟有利于督促吸烟者戒烟。 1、 吸烟不违法,吸烟者有吸烟权利和自由。 反对 2、 不利于餐馆、酒吧等场所的营业。 3、 导致失业。 注意:1、词数:100 左右; 2、题目和开头已给出,不计入总词数。 Ban Smoking in Public Places?

Smoking bans can be seen in public places in many countries.

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1、 单项选择(1×15=15 分) 1—5 DCABA 6—10 2、 完形填空 16—20 CBDAB 26—30 DCACB 3、 阅读理解(3×20=60 分) 36—40 ABDAB 46—50 BCBDC 4、 短文改错(1×10=10 分) 56、去掉 time 59、drove → drive 62、have → had 65、去掉 in 5、写面表达 ACDBC 21—25 31—35 41—45 51—55 11—15 DBDDA ACBDC CDACD ABDCB 58、for → of 61、√ 64、questions ABBAD

57、第一个 a 改为 an 60、his → their 63、to know

Ban Smoking in public places?

蓝天家教网 http://www.ltjiajiao.com 伴你快乐成长
Smoking bans can be seen in public places in many countries. Our class had a heated discussion on banning smoking in public places. Opinions fall into two. Some students agree that smoking is dangerous, Not only does smoking harm smokers themselves but also harm the people around them. Bans in public places would also urge smokers to smoke less or give it up. However, Others hold an opposite view. They believe that it’s legal to smoke and smokers should have the freedom and right to smoke in any place they like. Besides, bans on smoking in public places would drive many bars, pubs or clubs out of business. What’s worse, many people will be out of job because of this. 本资料来源于《七彩教育网》http://www.7caiedu.cn